Janet’s Story

Janet has proudly served her country in the Federal and Texas Air National Guard since 1987, including a deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

She has served in security forces, logistics and as a chaplain assistant. After being married for 18 years, Janet’s husband suddenly announced that he wanted a divorce. Now, at the age of 50, she is raising her two young daughters alone. The Work Life Institute, a local veteran’s program, referred Janet to Dress for Success Houston earlier this year, and, after Janet landed a job with a federal service agency, she joined PWG. She is amazed by the kind-hearted staff and volunteers who embraced her when she arrived and who continue to see her as a significant person. She is awed by her fellow PWG members who share their struggles and always strive to better themselves in their work and in their lives. And she is grateful for the child watch center that allows her to attend the PWG meetings, knowing that her children are safe and having fun making Olaf crafts. Each day, Janet drives 100 miles to and from work, which leaves precious little time with her daughters. She only hopes that, one day, they will understand the sacrifices their mother made to afford them a stable home and a future with opportunity and freedom.