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Chanda’s Story

Chanda’s story is one of perseverance and determination. Ten years ago, Chanda left a Fortune 500 company, and since then, experienced several professional stumbles. Certain that her resume and interview skills were now outdated, Chanda arrived at Dress for Success Houston last summer feeling broken and discouraged.

She was ready for a change, and determined to make it happen. Every morning Chanda got on a bus and rode it to Dress for Success so that she could participate in all of our pre-employment programs. She regularly attended Job Search 101 and participated in Job Search Teams, where she was grateful for the encouragement and support she found in the other women. Chanda was steadfast in her pursuit of employment, pausing only to catch her breath and to spend time with her daughter. And her persistence paid off! After learning of a position with Comerica Bank, she decided to apply, even though she was worried that her past banking experience was no longer relevant with today’s technological changes. She was so excited when she landed the job and immediately joined PWG. Chanda says that Dress for Success has restored her confidence in her abilities!

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