10 JUL



Alma’s Story

When DARS referred Alma to us last year, she was beginning to lose hope of ever finding a job, much less a good job that could accommodate her special needs. Alma arrived at Dress for Success that first time feeling discouraged but left inspired by a new sense of hope for the future.

She was still unsure how to continue her job search and knew that her resume was outdated, so she started participating in our pre-employment programs. There she not only learned how to look for a job more effectively but she also discovered a group of women that encouraged her to keep looking forward. Seven months after first walking through the doors of Dress for Success, Alma landed a great job with the Social Security Administration which allows her to help others navigate an overwhelming system. Alma’s hard work and determination are evident in all that she does. She says that when she feels frustrated by the obstacles she often faces, she just tells herself that other people have worse problems than being legally blind, then thanks God for her blessings and moves on. Alma’s patience, perseverance and positive attitude are an inspiration to us all.

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